As a locally owned business that’s committed to getting people outdoors, we think it’s important to support brands that are doing good for the environment and our society as a whole. Today, we’re shining light on one such brand – Mona B.

Why We Love Them

Recycling is great, but did you know that upcycling is better? Upcycling refers to the practice of reworking materials that would otherwise go to waste. These could be remnants from the manufacturing process, surplus goods, or items that have been used, but still have plenty of life left in their materials. Since these materials require less processing, it’s much less energy intensive than recycling.

Mona B makes stylish and durable bags out of upcycled military canvas. This process diverts tons of garbage from landfills and eliminates the need to manufacture virgin textiles. They also practice zero-waste manufacturing – every scrap of material is repurposed into accents and trim. As a bonus, cutting waste saves money, making these bags available to you at a lower cost.

Our Top Product Picks

Lockett Crossbody Bag – $61.99

Raider Backpack $87.99

Nomad Rucksack $72.99