As a locally owned business that’s committed to getting people outdoors, we think it’s important to support brands that are doing good for the environment and our society as a whole. One brand we’re excited to support is Half United.

Why We Love Them

Over 840 million people go to bed hungry each night. Of those, 13.1 million are children right here in the U.S. For every item sold, Half United provides 7 meals to feed children locally and globally. They also work to fight one of the root causes of hunger in developing countries, unemployment, by employing Haitian artisans to make some of their jewelry.

Beyond the good they’re accomplishing, we’re huge fans of their classic minimalist jewelry. It’s beautiful, practical, well-made, and matches everything. Oh, and did we mention that they’re an N.C. brand? They’re headquartered in Wilmington.

Our Top Product Picks

The Honeycomb Necklace – $34.00

The Juno Bangles – $46.00

The Rae Earrings in Silver – $34.00