Since 1964, Diamond Brand Outdoors has been known as the place to go for personal attention from friendly local outdoor experts. We’re extremely proud of this heritage, and are excited to announce that we’re expanding our signature customer experience by offering Personal Outfitting Sessions.

Personal Outfitting Sessions give you the opportunity to come in before, during, or after business hours for one on one attention from one of our top experts. They’ll share advice and curate a selection of gear and apparel perfect for you. Plus, these sessions are absolutely free, with no minimum purchase. We think that Personal Outfitting is for everyone! Here are four of the reasons why you should give it a try.

1. You’re Super Busy

Have a schedule that keeps you slammed during business hours? Imagine being able head to your favorite store before it even opens, getting personalized attention, and finishing your holiday shopping before your first meeting of the day. An Personal Outfitting appointment allows you to do just that! To speed up your shopping, we can even pre-select a few items tailored to your needs and budget.

2. You Want to Try Something New

Have you always wanted to get into backpacking, but you don’t know what you really need? Are you planning to travel to a new destination, but aren’t sure what you need? Would you like an intimidation-free place to ask questions and get expert advice? Our highly skilled Personal Outfitters can walk you through the basics and help you pick out gear and apparel that perfectly matches your needs, preferences, and budget.

3. Because Sometimes Shopping is Frustrating

Have you ever spent 30 minutes trying on pants only to walk out empty handed? Or worse, taken a new pair of shoes home only to discover that they weren’t comfortable after all? Weeding through different brands, fits, and features can be a complex and frustrating tasks. Our Personal Outfitters are fit experts who personally try out all of our apparel, footwear, and gear offerings. They can do the weeding for you and recommend brands + styles that will match your needs + personal style.

4. It Makes an Awesome Gift

Is there a special person on your list who loves the outdoor lifestyle? Combine a Diamond Brand Outdoors Gift Card + Personal Outfitting Session for the ultimate gift. They’ll get an unforgettable experience, selecting gear + apparel that they’ll use for years, plus the appointment is complimentary.