When it comes to carving out time for outdoor adventures, we think bringing your gear should be stress free and simple – not a huge production. That’s why we’ve partnered with innovative brands like SylvanSport, Thule, and Boonedox to offer easy options to cart your boats, boards, and other gear.



SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate $2895.00

Best for: Multi-sport families and busy people eager to squeeze in a post-work paddle sesh.

Why we love it: This lightweight trailer is incredibly well constructed for durability and ease of towing. It also features a watertight storage compartment so you can have all your gear ready to go at a moment’s notice. We even know a few customers who keep their’s loaded up and ready to go for impromptu adventures. Plus, SylvanSport is based just down the road in Brevard.


Thule Dock Glide – $229.95

Best for: Paddlers looking for a top-of-car solution for protecting and loading their boats.

Why we love it: These saddles pivot to accommodate nearly every hull size and shape. They are felt lined, which make loading a breeze and protects your watercraft from scrapes and scratches. All Thule products are tested to stringent European crash standards, so they are among the most secure systems out there.


Boonedox T-Bone$199.95

Best for:  Truck owners who love full size fishing kayaks.

Why we love it: This bed extender is a simple solution, executed perfectly. It’s made right here in NC out of sturdy and rust-free aircraft grade aluminum, and features a radial design to preserve ground clearance.  Since it’s approved to carry loads up to 300 pounds, there’s no boat it can’t handle.